The 10 Best Clippers For Black Men's Hair - Ultimate Guide

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Clipping black men's hair is not easy, not even for professional barbers and hair stylists. That makes it challenging for black men to do self-clipping. But we can make it easy by telling you about the best clippers for black men's hair. They are versatile, go smoothly on dense and curly hair of black men, and can satisfy your various styling needs.

A professional barber's clipper has a long battery life if they are cordless and a long cord if they run out of battery or without batteries. Also, black men's hair needs different speeds and blade options for efficient clipping because the job is difficult. In the upcoming section, you can find optimal features in our selected best clippers for black men's hair.

List of Best Clippers for Black Men's Hair

Following is the list of clippers we have selected for black men's hair. Our team includes professional barbers who have clipped the hair of African American men for years. Therefore each of our selected clippers does an outstanding job. See our favorite ones if you don't have time to go through each of the clippers

Wahl 5 Star Magic clipper is the best cordless hair clipper for black men. It has eight clipping attachments and a stagger-tooth blade. Furthermore, it is lightweight and does not produce much sound. The best barber black hair clipper is the Oster Classic 76. It is a wired clipper with gold plated 000 blade and is long-lasting.

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1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Hair Clip

Wahl made this 5-Star magic clipper with a stagger-tooth blade ensuring seamless blends and textures. This clipper can satisfy a person's clipping needs. It can remove a bulk of thick hair and create soft line fades. With the cordless feature, you can do all of it anywhere. It has a run time of 100 plus minutes after a full charge.

Barbers love this clipper because of its versatility in creating different fades and cuts. Its 8 attachments offer different ranges of cuts from 1/8 to 1 inch. Its crisp and crunch sound indicates the blade is working, adding to the barber's clipping experience. Another thing that barbers love about this clipper is its lightweight, only 10 ounces.

It only measures 6.25 inches in length and adjusts rightly into black men's hands. There is a recharging transformer, clipper blade oil, cleaning brush, and instructions guide in the pack. That is all you can need using this clipper.


  • Best used for soft fade hair cuts
  • Stagger Teeth blade for precise textured cuts
  • Fast Rotary Motor for a precise cut
  • Cordless operation so you don't have the cord in the way
  • 90 minute battery life before needing a charge It's lightweight and does not tire your hands.


  • It feels hot to the touch after continuous use.
  • Some complaints that the blades are super sharp and cut easy!

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2. BaBylissPRO GoldFX Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper

BaBylissPRO GoldFX Trimmer made this one of the best clippers for cutting black men's hair for cordless and corded usage. Its battery offers a run time of two hours or more after a full charge. This clipper has a high-torque Italian-designed motor that operates at different speeds.

The titanium-coated blade of this clipper offers smooth clipping at different levels with its five-detent taper control. Furthermore, it has eight comb attachments that provide trimming options from 1.5 mm to 19 mm. After clipping, it can be hung with the detent hanging hook.

The pack contains a tube of blade cleaning oil and a cleaning brush. You will not have to buy anything else for its maintenance from the market.


  • Clips dense hair in only one swap.
  • The lightweight makes it easy to handle.


  • It is not entirely hypoallergenic as the manufacturer markets it. It cannot be a suitable choice if you are sensitive to skin allergies.

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3. Remington HC4250 Hair Clippers for Men

Remington knows the clipping needs of black men, so it offers this self-haircut kit and beard trimmer. This clipper has nine combs ranging between 1/6 to 5/8 inches of smooth clipping. These combs let you achieve any look you want and experiment with different things with your hair and beard. This clipper has a rechargeable battery with a runtime of 40 minutes after a full recharge that takes four hours. However, you can use it with the six feet long cord when you are in a hurry and forget to charge it.

This clipper is washable. Rinse it under running water, and the cleaning only takes a couple of minutes. It is small but does not slip from the hands because of its anti-slip grip. Its compact design reaches your neck, the back of the head, and around the ear very conveniently. This way, you enjoy seamless clipping in minutes.

The pack includes a cleaning brush, blade cleaning oil, and a zip-up storage pouch to carry all the accessories with the clipper easily. However, the manufacturer recommends not storing it above 140 degrees Faranhite temperature.


  • The battery does not add much to its weight.
  • Barbers love its fast clipping speed.


  • Cleaning this clipper is not easy.

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4. Andis 01557 Adjustable Blade Hair Trimmer

Professionals love to use this clipper by Andis for clipping black men's hair. Its blades are sharper and do even the hard clipping job in a few minutes. Its powerful motor offers 14000 strokes per minute to add to its speed. There will be minimal noise despite this high speed. Also, the blades work long and require little to no maintenance.

Handling this one of the best fade clippers for black hair is not challenging. You can hold it in one hand and operate it with the thumb. You can quickly turn it on and off with the thumb while clipping your or anyone else's hair. It is conveniently useful for everyone in the family and is also suitable for any outdoor trip. It will not be a burden as it only weighs 1.25 pounds.

This clipper is equally effective for wet and dry hair.


  • It does not leave any sharp edges of clipped hair; they feel smooth.
  • It produces minimal sound.


  • The clipper's motor can get damaged if the electricity voltage fluctuates in your region.

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5. Oster Classic 76 Gold Clipper

Oster made this great clipper to tackle the clipping needs of black men. It is known as the Classic 76 Gold Limited Edition clipper. It does not have a cordless option, but that is not a problem. Its cord is 12 feet long, enough to take it in front of the mirror from any socket in the room.

If you are a barber, it can be your next suitable purchase. This clipper improves the clipping style of barbers and makes complex haircuts a breeze. Also, its robust construction can tackle any rough handling. It can operate at two speeds, and its detachable gold-plated 000 blades can do wonders to any hair in no time.

This clipper is equally suitable to use on dry or wet hair.


  • You will not need any other clipper for years when you buy it once.
  • It runs smoothly on the scalp and does not pull hair.


  • The clippers become loose with time making it unable to clip hair the way it does earlier.

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6. BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series - CLIPPER

BaBylissPRO always makes the best clippers, and the MetalFX series is famous among black men because of its clipping versatility. Its lithium battery offers 2 hours of run time after a full recharge. Besides, it can also work as a corded clipper. This powerful clipper works with its high torque motor powered by an Italian-designed engine.

Black men can trim and clip their hair in various styles with this powerful clipper that works with precision. You can also control its speed according to your requirement. This clipper has 8 comb attachments to satisfy different clipping and styling needs.

This clipper is beneficial for any texture of hair. That's why it is equally beneficial for barbers. They can do various jobs easily with this single clipper without investing in multiple clipping tools.


  • This compact clipper offers an easy grip.
  • It complements professional stylists' fast-moving hands.


  • The battery life is short at high speeds.

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7. Wahl Electric Hair Clipper Elite Pro

We know that despite how sharp the blades of a clipper are, they lose their sharpness over time. You will not face this problem after years of regular use with this Whal Elite Pro hair clipper. It has self-sharpening blades that make it long-lasting to cut the thick hair of black men. Also, it is suitable to create fades and blends. It is perfect to use at home to get a smooth clipping experience.

Its powerful motor works without noise and does perfect haircuts. With this clipper, you will also get a cleaning brush, a blade guard, a cord wrap, scissors, blade oil, and a styling comb. Also, storing all these accessories is not difficult because of the drawstring pouch and storage case in the pack. The manufacturer also offers a warranty for home usage.

It is the best clipper to gift to a black man; they will love it.


  • You can style your hair at home as professionals do.
  • Barbers love to clip thick hair with this clipper; it makes the job easy.


  • Barbers say it is not suitable to hold for a long duration.

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8. Panasonic ER 1411 s Hair Clipper

Panasonic's ER 1411 has three comb attachments, offering six cutting-length options. Also, without any comb, you can clip the hair to 0.5 mm. That makes it one of the best clippers for bald head black men. Comb one offers 3 mm and 6 mm, comb 2 offers 9 mm and 12 mm, and comb 3 offers 15 mm and 18 mm cutting lengths. With more options and fewer accessories, it becomes a space-saving hair clipper.

The blades are positioned to be 45 degrees and are sharp enough to cut hair with fine edges. Its powerful motor can cut your hair up to 30,000 hairs in a second, making it the best choice for black men with thick hair. You can charge its battery in 80 minutes with the AC output, which can run the clipper for 60 minutes.

It is a lightweight and portable hair clipper for black men.


  • Anyone can use it, making it suitable for the whole family.
  • It produces minimum noise.


  • It requires charging more often.

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9. StyleCraft Protege Cordless Hair Trimmer

This fantastic hair clipper by StyleCraft with a powerful motor smoothly runs its stainless steel blades. This clipper is enough to give you sharp cuts and trims in no time. You can use it quickly to give your hair and beard an excellent cut whenever you are in a hurry. Also, when you use it quickly, you do not harm or stretch your skin. It goes smooth on the scalp and face.

It is lightweight, making it easy to handle. While holding it during the whole trimming job, your hands don't get tired. This clipper is cordless, making it easy to take anywhere after charging it. Its fantastic features make it the best gift for your loved ones. The pack contains a comb, a cleaning brush, a charging cable, and a maintenance kit. You will not have to rush to the market for any of its accessories. It has everything in the pack that you might need.

It gives you closer cuts with its zero-gap settings. This is a helpful feature to create tattoos and hairlines.


  • Barbers love to do various hairstyles with this one styling gadget.
  • It is easy to operate with buttons and does not tire the barbers.


  • It is not suitable to clip dense hair.

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10. BaBylissPRO BLACKFX Metal Collection

Here comes another best clipper for black men's hair from BaBylissPRO. It is both the corded and the cordless clipper. You can use it when the battery is not charged without waiting for it to charge. Just attach it to the power cable, and it is good to go. Also, it charges fast, in 90 minutes, and offers two hours of run time to clip all your hair after a full charge.

It is powerful enough to cut or trim hair of any texture and thickness, making it suitable for black men's hair. Furthermore, despite continuous usage, its high carbon stainless steel blade does not lose its sharpness. That makes it a barber-friendly option. It clips the hair of any texture very nicely. There will be smooth edges and no skin irritation.

There are eight comb attachments in the pack to satisfy your styling needs.


  • Anyone in the home can easily use it, making it a suitable clipper for the whole family.


  • The battery life is not enough for professional use, so barbers use it as a corded clipper.

Mid-Fade vs. High-Fade: Switch Up Your Style!

The fade level is the primary difference between the mid-fade and the high fade. Let's discuss the two most common fade styles briefly.

Mid Fade

Taping the hair from the sides and back to the temple region, leaving the top, is known as the mid fade.

The mid fade is easy to take care of, provides more styling options, does not shed much hair, and has low transitions. It is ideal for people with diamond, oval, oblong, or triangular face shapes and looks good on any hair type.

High Fade

Taping the hair from the back to the forehead level, when the top left full, is known as high fade.

A high fade is tough to take care of, does not offer many styling options, has high transitions, and sheds a lot of hair. It is ideal for people with oval, round, heart, square, and oblong face shapes. It is also suitable for any hair type.

Maintenance For Clippers For Black Hair

As we discuss the clippers for black men in this article, we must tell you how black men should take care of their clippers.

Whenever you clip your hair, ensure no hair is in the clipper's blades after you are done with the clipping. It is not necessary to oil the blades every time you clip your hair, you can do it after a few times, but if you leave the blades dirty, they will lose their efficiency over time. Also, before you start clipping hair, wipe the blade to ensure no dust or hair is on it. Hair and scalp have a lot of dust, acidity, and whatnot; therefore, it can affect the blade's efficiency if not cleaned properly.

When the blades get dull, they lose efficiency and irritate the scalp. Also, dull blades put pressure on the clipper's motor. When the motor has more stress, all the parts start to wear out soon. That's why it's essential to maintain the blades properly for the longevity of your clipper.

It does not take more than a couple of minutes to maintain your clipper's blade properly, but it can save you money to buy another clipper soon.


Shaving is not suitable for black men because it can cause skin irritation. Using hair clippers is safer than shaving; that's why it is better for black men to clip their hair than to shave.

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Now you have read about the top ten best clippers for black men's hair. We have also discussed different hair clipping options with these clippers, as each one is versatile. Whatever clipper you choose, ensure proper maintenance for its long life and efficient operation over time. This way, it will be your long-term hair-clipping partner.

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