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skull shaver bald eagle smart

We would love to present the all new Pitbull Platinum Skull Shaver and trust us, it is even more amazing than its name.

The shaver is designed to give the best and the smoothest shave on your face and head and leave you looking fabulous without causing any harm to your skin.

Feature List

  • 5 Large Flexible Rotary Heads
  • Its dimensions are 7.7 x 6.7 x 3.3 inches
  • Blades run at 10,000 RPMS
  • Lithium ion battery that runs hard until it is fully depleted
  • Holds a Charge for 90 Minutes!
  • Comes with Travel Case and Travel Lock Feature
  • Able to use it in the Shower
  • Strongest Motor in the Pitbull Series

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Ever wished for a soft, quick and smooth shave but failed to get one ?
Well your wait is now over and long gone. The Pitbull Platinum Electric Shaver is here for the close shave you have been striving for and is not going to disappoint you!

It will leave you spell bound with its long lasting and amazing effects on your head and will make you look better as a whole.

It is safe and easy to use and can make your dream come true! It has satisfied users and is definitely the new and fresh technology and you should must have it in your shaving arsenal!

Pitbull Shaver Electric Shaver Models

Skull shaver review
As we get started here I want to point out that Skull Shaver Company has released a new series in there head shavers called Pitbull. So, I plan on giving you guys the inside scoop on this new series along with talking about the previous models so you can make an educated choice on which one you want to buy to shaver your head and these also working great on shaving your face.

We will discuss these starting out with the lowest priced model to the most expensive model which is the Platinum model. All models have 5 heads, are capable of using in the shower, can use with a cord plugged in and of course cordless.  All three also have a low battery indicator that various slightly as you go up in price.

Pitbull Silver

The silver is priced the lowest with a 30 minute charge, 600mAh battery and 1 year warranty. It has a black exterior finish and takes 1 hour to change.

Pitbull Gold

The gold model is priced in the middle, comes with black finished and offers 90 minutes of run-time which is 60 minutes more than the silver. This model also has a more higher end battery running at 1400mAh rather than 600.  The time to charge is a bit longer though at 2.5 hours. Now one other difference I want to point out is that the low battery indicator is numerical versus just a light showing a color on the sliver.  Lastly, the warranty is 1 year and 6 months.

Pitbull Platinum

This is the top of the line head shaver that you can currently buy on the market and man does it look manly too! To start off it was built with high quality materials and durability in mind from the ground up.  It has a nice chrome finish, with a 90 minute run time using a lithium battery that runs hard until it looses the final charge.

So, outside of the materials used to build it here is what is the separating factors.

  • The low battery indicator is a fancy LED numerical display.
  • Now this model has the longest warranty range of 2 years which is pretty sweet.
  • Just as with the gold it has the same battery and same charge time.
  • Comes with a travel case
  • has a travel lock feature for travel
  • Wash indicator to show when to clean it

All of these models will work awesome for shaving your head as well as shaving your face. It really comes down to price, the look, charge time and if you want the extra bells and whistles.

Pitbull Skull Shaver Review

The Pitbull skull shaver has all the features and looks even more stylish with its matt black color. It is something that you should surely give a try and a must have too! It is changing the game and taking over the world by the storm. It has got it all; you name it and it has it.

Who’s it for?

  • The skull shaver is a product which anybody can use.
  • The product is usually preferred by men but since it is also a head shaver, women can buy it too.
  • It is for the people with sensitive skin out there because it is built with technology which would not harm you skin.
  • It is a unisex product and could be bought by anyone with a desire to shave.

Things to Consider While Buying a Skull Shaver

  • The product which you are buying is lightweight
  • The product should have good reviews.
  • The product which you are considering buying should also have good ratings on popular websites.
  • The product should have the desired specifications.
  • Since you are looking for a head shaver, it should be a good one and should not electrocute you by accident.
  • The product should be suitable for all head and face sizes.
  • The shaver that you’re wishing to buy should not have blades which are too sharp and could leave scratches.


What Makes the Pitbull Skull Electric Shaver A Better Product?

  • The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart is a light weight product.
  • It is designed specifically not to harm your skin.
  • It lasts for longer durations once charged.
  • It has a sleek design and fits all head and face sizes.
  • It has smaller and softer blades which prevents the product from scratching or cutting your skin.
  • It takes the mess out while shaving a head.
  • It also reaches the back of your head unlike other skull shavers.
  • It is easy to clean and carry as well.

Price and Purchasing

skull shaverThe product is available on multiple different websites at different prices. The procedure of buying the product is easy and it can be bought within minutes. The product might be a little expensive for some people’s liking but it is surely worth buying and giving a try. It would be delivered right to your doorstep or wherever you desire!

Features and Benefits

The product works for longer durations unlike the rest in its kind.

It is light-weight and is portable. It goes and reaches the back of your head as well for a smoother shave. It also has a portable charger for more comfort. It has smaller and softer blades to avoid cuts and scratches on your head.

The product is light weight. It has smaller and softer blades. It reaches the back of your head.

It works for longer durations. It is portable and easy to carry around. It also has a portable charger. The product takes up to 2.5 hours to charge. It is a little more expensive than the others in its kind. Some customer reviews state that the product is not durable.

Social Proof

  • The reviews on the Internet for the Pitbull Skull Shaver are rather positive and the customers seem to be happy and satisfied with their purchase!
  • Some customer reviews do say that the product is not durable but it comes with a warranty and can be easily replaced.
  • The product has good ratings on websites like Amazon and GSM Arena.


There are a lot of face and head shavers out there in the market and it is up for you to decide which one do you like the best. However, the Pitbull Electric Shaver provides an excellent shave with it's 5 contouring heads that won't leave you disappointed. It is surely a must have since it is an all in one and deserves its spot in your closet!

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