The 5 Best Grooming Tips for Balding Men

Spick and Span

Someday, you may be forced to say your parting words to the remnants of your hair and finally lay them to rest.

If your hair is thinning, receding, or that bright spot on the top could hail a cab in the right light, it might be time to consider the stylish life of a bald man! There are so many men who proudly rock the spick and span look so there’s no need to hesitate.

Join the spick and span club!

A bald scalp might seem like it’s more low maintenance than a mop of hair (and it is!) but that doesn’t mean there’s no maintenance.

Here are 5 grooming tips to make your spick and span lifestyle flawless.

Embrace Head Shaving

Hanging onto the sad remnants of your curly locks won’t do you any favors.

Once you embrace the spick and span lifestyle, you’ll realize how freeing it can be to say goodbye to all of your hair frustrations.

Shaving your head isn’t different than shaving any other hairy part of your physique. You just need some technique, practice, and some high-quality equipment.

You’ll want to invest in an electric shaver. Trying to get a clean, smooth, and even shave with a non-electric razor is going to lead to serious razor burn, cuts, and stubble.

Not all balding clippers are created equal. Do your research when you’re buying an electric shaver.

Do yourself a favor and lean into it. A bald head is a bold and cool fashion statement now.

If you do it right, shaving your head won’t look like admitting defeat. It’ll be more like embracing the cool.

Consider Balance

When your head is spick and span it helps to balance everything out if your face isn’t so smooth.

To avoid the Lex Luther evil genius look, experiment with a full beard, stubble, a goatee or even a mustache!

Having a smooth scalp can definitely be cool, but you have to consider the balance of your look. Adding facial hair to the equation can keep thinking comfortable and natural.

You’ll also have to spend some time observing how your clothes look after you take the plunge and shave your head.

Head shaving changes your appearance and your basic silhouette. Collared shirts will frame your head differently and V-necks might leave you looking exposed.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer for how to stylishly dress up your spick and span look. But be prepared to adjust other aspects of your look to balance out your new smooth scalp.

Don’t skip the products

Just because you don’t have hair doesn’t mean you don’t have to use hair products! Okay, they’re more of skin products but they’re super important!

Just like when you shave your face, you’ll want to apply aftershave to your head.

If you’re using an electric razor to shave your head like the Philips Norelco 9700, you shouldn’t have any cuts or nicks but if you do there are products that can quickly stop the bleeding. Use this product before you apply your aftershave to avoid the burn.

Just like your face gets dry, your scalp will need moisturizing. But make your chosen lotion leaves you with a matte finish instead of am eye-catching shine!

If you worry about acne more than dryness, know that it can be prevented! Dead skin builds up on your scalp and clogs up follicles that fill with oil and dirt.

The result? Not fun acne.

Avoid the unpleasantness by regularly exfoliating your scalp. Try to fully exfoliate, scrub, and clean your scalp twice a week.

This attention to detail will help your scalp stay healthy and good looking.

Spick and Span Protection

Before you joined the spick and span club, your hair offered some protection for the skin on top of your head.

Now you need to make sure you take the necessary steps to keep your scalp protected from the elements.

Skin cancer is a serious disease. Exposure to the sun is not healthy for our delicate skin, especially the skin on our head that isn’t used to seeing the light of day!

Use sunscreen every day. Period. Every day.

You need to protect yourself from the cold as well as the sun. Every winter a hat will be your new best friend.

I can guarantee you’ll never want to leave the house without a hat in the winter time. A lot of body heat escapes through our heads so protect that heat and put a cap on it!

Treat Yourself and Go Pro

About once a month you should make a special trip to the barber and let them take care of you.

Not only will this feel great (head massage anyone?) but it will help you maintain the health of your scalp.

Even if you fastidiously exfoliate and moisturize, your barber as more experience and better products. He will be able to give your spick and span scalp the TLC it needs.

Your barber will get a closer shave than you will. This will help your hair grow in lighter and thinner which will make your own shaving easier.

Plus, you might be missing something! A small, hard to reach spot behind the ear or at the nape of the neck might need a little attention.

Give your local barber a call and let him treat your scalp with a little luxury.

Some barber shops also offer luxury bread trimming services. Get a fresh and tight design to your beard as well and you’ll look better than ever!

Also, the warm soothing towel they usually wrap around your face is worth it. Who said luxury was just for the spa?

Embracing the bald life might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Some men have a harder time admitting or recognizing their own hair loss, other dudes just think it’s cool and prefer a clean slate up top.

But if you’re feeling like your hair is looking a little lackluster or sparse, it’s probably time to join the spick and span club.

With proper attention to detail, good equipment, and some low-key maintenance your smooth scalp will look flawless and fresh.

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